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It is easy to get lost in the ocean of platforms, data and campaign types. How do you know which influencer marketing campaign type is the best choice for your campaign goals, which platform to choose or what makes a catchy but effective brief? 

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Let's be honest - campaign creation can be overwhelming. There are many aspects to take into consideration and because your business does spend resources to make it happen, you'd want to make sure it generates the best possible results. But campaign creation will be well planned and even a fun activity once you follow the breakdown of some important steps you need to take - from start to finish. Let's look at them one at a time!


Step 1: Identify your campaign goals

We are all different, not only the products can be of a huge range of variety but marketing approaches and mindsets differ so much from business to business - and that's the beauty of it. Your campaign goals should be in sync with your digital marketing strategy, which would be step 0 in this list. If you are interested to learn more about the digital strategy itself, check our article here about the 2021 trends


Step 2: Choose a platform based on your campaign goals

Once you’ve identified your goals, that will be the lifeline that guides all your other decisions going forward. These goals have endless versions, but we've chosen some of the common ones to detail. 

Launching a product 

Building trust is one of the primary goals influencer marketing is great for. After all, its roots are all related to the fact that consumers are becoming more and more aware of advertisements, turning into real people who share their experience of a product or brand in the online space. 

Choose a team of influencers who resonate with your target audience and have them create educational content before launching. 

If engagement is everything

Addressing the audience, asking questions, creating tolls or sweepstakes are just a couple examples to raising engagement during a campaign - and a talented content creator knows just how to maximize it. 

When choosing a platform for an engagement-focused campaign, Instagram and YouTube are great choices: IG story swipe ups and Instagram posts with a game or coupons will make the sales numbers measurable and conversion rates visible for you. A YouTube video might be costlier but an effortlessly branded content with an embedded link and in the description can work wonders!

In case your goal is to build brand awareness or educate

When engagement is not your primary goal but instead you wish to build awareness and educate your potential users, TikTok videos are the way to go. Since there are no links available, measuring conversion is hardly possible but on the other hand, it tends to perform with a super high total reach indicator which is exactly what you need when brand awareness is what you’re looking for. 

Of course, consider your target group

When choosing a platform keep in mind your target audience’s online presence and start your campaign on those that speak to them the most! You will find extra help in our Knowledge Base. Social media platforms (

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Step 3: Write your brief based on your desired deliverables

Briefing might seem easy but you’d be surprised how many times an incomplete brief and the miscommunication between brands and creators was the main reason for failed campaigns. Each campaign is different but we summarized the most relevant sections you might want to include in your brief: 


  • Short introduction about your brand.
It’s useful to include your website link or social media channels as well. Explain your campaign goals briefly. 
  • Influencers’ task would be to: 

Talk about the main features of the item which is __________

Make the product visible in the video_____

  • Timing of the posts and deadline
  • Wording

Please include the following hashtags: #ad 

And make sure to use the following expressions, words: 

  • Dos and Don’ts: specify any special requirement 


Step 4: Plan your influencer recruitment technique

This step includes several decision making processes.

Public or Direct Campaign? 

Post For Rent offers two campaign types for you:

Our Direct campaign types are for you if you have a strong view about who you wish to work with: all you need to do is send them an invitation to collaborate including all the details of the campaign, and wait for a positive response. 

Nonetheless, if you're open to discovering new influencers and letting the creators come to you based on your impressive brief, we recommend you to try our Public campaign type. This is a great way to get to know influencers you may have never thought of, but who tick all the boxes perfectly. 

How do you know if they in fact tick all the boxes? If they have the right results, engagement rate, follower count and audience that you’re looking for?

Get to know the creators before choosing your ambassadors!

This takes us to the second sub-decision of this step: choosing the actual creators. 

Starting to get exciting, isn’t it? ;) Maybe a little risky too, but only if you don’t have the right tools that help you gather all the information necessary to make a good choice. Our Influencer Search is a search engine and an analysis tool that gives you a deep insight into the selected profile’s performance, audience data, credibility score, estimated prices, reach, engagement and so much more! Dive into the topic by reading this article dedicated to explaining the metrics we use to support your decision making process. 


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