5 tips marketers should pay attention to when doing IM (SA)



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As inevitable as influencers are in today’s advertising, there are still things marketers forget to pay attention to when it comes to avoiding some common mistakes and making sure their ROI is guaranteed. We’ve listed top five things marketers should keep in mind when embarking on the IM journey.


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1. Data, data, data

Are you using the right data to reach your target audience? Are you analysing only the influencer data, and not their audience data? What marketers sometimes fail to do is to take a closer look at who the actual influencer audience is. Those are the people that your products will be exposed to, so not only do you need to make sure the influencer is a match for your brand, but the audience needs to be a match too. Tools such as our X-Ray Scan analyse audience affinities, location, language, most engaged audience members and much more.

2. Which metrics to look at

Is it conversion to boost sales, engagement to build brand awareness, MIV or something else? Before starting a campaign or reaching out to any influencers, you need to lay down your objectives. If you’re looking to boost your sales, you’ll figure out specific types of content as well as corresponding CTA and measure conversion rate each influencer generates. If you’re looking to build brand awareness, you will measure brand mentions, brand profile analytics, new followers or whatever it is that you’re looking at. Be clear with your objectives, so than the results will not be just pure numbers.

3. Individual influencer performance

Looking at the best and worst performing creators, how do you move forward mid campaign? Are you tracking overall performance or individual performance of influencers? Not every individual will be a perfect match for your business. Once you’ve laid out the expectations and the objectives, we advise you to track individual influencer performance. You’ll be able to invest your money smarter after the first wave of the campaign.

4. Content savviness

Aside from the data which kind of goes by default, another key influencer currency is their content savviness. How well they play with content formats and how innovative they are in entertaining their audience and presenting your product. These are all important points you should consider, especially if you plan to use the content for your social media handles as well (which could be a great bonus you can negotiate in your contract). Also, don’t forget to tap into new social trends and innovative content formats.

5. On-again-off-again is not cool (in any relationship)

The key to influencer marketing success lies in credibility. And that one can’t be built if it’s not nurtured regularly. Think of influencer marketing as an always-on approach, giving influencers enough time to build proper relationship with your brand, which will consequently help build a strong bond between your products and their audience.



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